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Epoxy table manufacturing method


1. Mold box making

According to the shape and size of the product, the glue mold box should be made. The surface of the wooden mold box should be affixed with tape or PVC film to facilitate subsequent stripping. Keep resin from leaking.

2. Wood treatment

The content of the wood itself must not be kept too high and less than 12%, and the moisture content is too high to be dehydrated. Low density, thin pine wood or large pouring volume and irregular wood, the surface contacting with resin should be pre-coated with resin 1-2 times, and closed to prevent air bubbles from forming in the air holes

3. Blend resin and color

Prepare the mixing container according to the mixing volume. Keep the container clean and dry. The resin is accurately weighed into the container with an electronic scale according to the ratio of A: B = 3: 1. Stir with a wooden stick or agitator, stir clockwise along the inner wall of the container, and fully stir the resin at the bottom. Prepare two containers if possible, and pass the evenly mixed glue through the container. Can be more evenly fused. After the glue is evenly mixed, auxiliary materials such as color concentrate, color paste or pearl powder can be added as needed. After adjustment, place 5-10 and then perfusion.

4. Resin infusion

Slowly pour the adjusted glue into a horizontal mold. After pouring, use a torch or a heated air cylinder to pre-heat the foam on the glue surface. Wait for the glue to cure and keep the environment clean during the curing process.

5. Processing after curing

The resin can be completely cured in about 12 hours at room temperature (25 degrees), and can be processed after 24 hours (or 60 degrees 2-3 hours after curing can reach processing hardness faster) After reaching the processing hardness, it can be planed, sawed, and lathe processed.

Grinding: Sandpaper is polished from coarse to fine (sandpaper model 600 mesh-1200 mesh), and the machine is polished by hand.
Polishing: Fine sponge wheel or wool wheel can be used for polishing with polishing wax. After polishing, it can be painted or wood wax oil as required.

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