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How Thick Can I Pour CREKOAT Epoxy Casting Resin
How Thick Can I Pour CREKOAT Epoxy Casting Resin

Two-part, super clear, deep casting CREKOAT Epoxy makes casting and encapsulating projects easy and fun! Pour single layers up to 1″ thick for larger applications, and up to 2″ thick for smaller molds.

Professional quality resin system creates a deep, clear finish on bar tops, table tops & counter tops embedded with your favorite objects and photos. Cured surface is BPA-free & safer for surfaces in contact with food. CREKOAT Epoxy is also great for deep casting and molding projects to create unique sculptures, figurines, jewelry, and more.

Why is pouring epoxy 2″thick important? Because using a deep casting epoxy that is specially formulated for the woodworking industry, will save you money, time and effort! There’s no need to pour 1/2″, 1/4″or less just to wait 24 hours for it to cure enough to add another layer of epoxy. No more sanding in between multiple batches of epoxy pours.

CREKOAT Epoxy One single pour of 2 inches thick for an entire wood epoxy project will make your live edge river table experience a breeze!


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