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What are the different Types of Resin – Learn everything about CREKOAT Epoxy types
What are the different Types of Resin – Learn everything about CREKOAT Epoxy types

There are many different types of resin and each has its own properties. The types of resin which we will be discussing are as follows, Casting Resin, Coating Resin, Polyurethane Resin and Polyester Resin.

Casting Resin

Casting resin is a type of epoxy resin which has a very low viscosity. It is a particularly useful type of epoxy resin thanks to its thin consistency. It must be noted however the thin consistency does increase the overall drying time.

Casting resin can be used to fill a hollow area or void in a piece made of wood or other materials. It can also be used to completely submerge an item in the casting resin thereby preserving the item.

Coating Resin

Coating resin is a type of epoxy resin which can be used to effectively coat an item or surface and in doing so provide a heavy-duty protective finish. The coating resin provides a high gloss finish. It can be used to seal the likes of concrete floors.

Polyurethane Resin

Polyurethane resin has strong wear resistance and scratch resistance: due to the excellent flexibility of waterborne polyurethane, it can buffer and protect itself when there are hard objects, so the ground is not easy to be scratched;

Excellent weather resistance: it can withstand long-term sun irradiation and strong UV resistance, which is not only suitable for indoor and outdoor ground, but also can be used as water-based exterior wall coating.

Polyester Resin

Polyester resin, while similar to types of epoxy resin can be used to construct models. You would be most familiar with its use in building boats, swimming pools and ponds. Polyester resin has a fibers structure and is known for being water resistant and its overall strength.

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