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What is the market prospect of epoxy resin?


Demand variety
1. Variety grades of epoxy resin in the world
The most widely used variety in the world is bisphenol A epoxy, followed by brominated bisphenol A and phenolic epoxy, and the production and usage of other varieties are very small.

2. Domestic epoxy consumption varieties
There are only a few grades of bisphenol A epoxy resin actually produced in China. According to statistics, the national epoxy resin demand in 1997 was about 110kt, the production volume was about 30kt, and the import volume was about 60kt. The domestic production varieties of epoxy are very single, mainly bisphenol A-type. Due to the poor quality of domestic epoxy, many high-quality epoxy resins must be imported, such as high-quality liquid epoxy, brominated epoxy, phenolic epoxy, etc.

3. Distribution of epoxy resin in various industries
Epoxy resins are mainly used in the coating industry and the electronics industry. One-quarter of epoxy materials for composite molding (mainly used in printed circuit boards in the electronics industry)

market expectation
China is the world's largest and last virgin market for epoxy resin, and the prospect of China's epoxy market is very broad.

a. Epoxy paint (anti-corrosion, anti-pollution of marine life). Experts predict that China's marine coatings will require 40,000 tons in 2000, most of which are epoxy anticorrosive coatings.
b. The container manufacturing industry continues to develop at a high speed, and can coatings require more and more epoxy resins.
c. The Northeast region is bound to be a huge potential market for epoxy resins.
d. The future of the water-based epoxy coating is infinite. These two are the mainstream of epoxy coating development. China is the fourth-largest producer of powder coatings in the world and the largest producer of powder coatings in Asia. The Chinese government has identified powder coatings and water-based coatings as the priority for future development, and water-based epoxy coatings play an important role in the water-based coating industry.

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