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Why the laboratory chooses epoxy resin countertops


What material is good for the laboratory table? Granite and marble countertops are not resistant to acid and alkali corrosion; solid psychological tabletops cannot be repaired by scratching and cannot be polished and refurbished; the price of ceramic countertops is too high ... so epoxy resin countertops are the most laboratory Safe and reliable countertop material.

Whether it is a physical laboratory, a chemical laboratory, a thermal laboratory, an electric power laboratory, or a biological laboratory or a biochemical laboratory, the more extreme the laboratory environment, the more the epoxy resin tabletop can demonstrate its excellent performance. The following editors of Han Min Furniture talk about the reasons why epoxy resin countertops can be widely used.

1. Excellent high-temperature resistance
The epoxy resin board tabletop is non-foaming and non-breaking under 600 ℃ high-temperature conditions. It is non-flammable in the case of open flame and has super high-temperature resistance.
2. Super anti-corrosion
The epoxy resin countertop is made of epoxy resin, quartz sand, curing agent and pigments, mixed, and baked at high temperature. If any chemical reagent is accidentally dropped on the countertop, as long as it is wiped clean within 24 hours, no reagent will be left.
3. Absolutely moisture-proof, without delamination
The epoxy resin board does not contain any paper components, which can effectively resist the moisture in the air and ensure that the countertop does not delaminate.
4. Durable and repairable
The biggest advantage of epoxy resin countertops compared with solid core physical and chemical board countertops is that epoxy resin boards can be polished and repaired, restored and refurbished, and have a long service life.
5. Complete environmental protection and safety
The epoxy resin tabletop does not contain asbestos, is non-flammable, non-conductive, and does not produce toxic gases when heated, which is absolutely green and environmentally friendly to laboratory staff.
6. Pollution resistance
The surface of the epoxy resin board is smooth, without capillary holes, will not hide dirt and dirt, effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, and is particularly suitable for medicine and biological laboratories.
7. Stable multi-color appearance
A variety of colors are available for epoxy resin countertops to ensure that the colors of different batches of products are uniform for a long time.

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